Fun Storage Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Know Your Options for Storage Units

Do you need to rent a storage unit, but are unsure of what your options are? If so, it will help to know about the different types of units available to you. 

Exterior Storage 

An exterior unit is also known as a drive-up unit, where you have the ability to drive a car right up to the storage unit to drop things off. These units don't offer climate controls, but you get a drive-up unit for convenience. If you find yourself frequently accessing your storage unit, or needing to drop off large items that are difficult to move, then a drive-up unit could be right for you.

Oversized Storage 

Storing items that are particularly tall? Then you may need an oversized storage unit. While the typical storage unit is smaller than the height of a garage door, some storage facilities offer storage units that are much bigger when it comes to height. This allows you to store those unusually sized items without any issues.

Closet Storage 

On the flip side, there are also closet storage units that are exactly as the sound, with them being about the size of a closet. This can be perfect for those people that don't have many items to store and do not need all of the square footage a standard unit provides. 

Indoor and Climate-Controlled Storage 

Some people prefer an indoor unit because it is inside a much larger facility, which makes it a bit more secure than an outdoor unit. However, there are a variety of different types of indoor units that you have to pick from, with each having its own advantages.

The most common reason to get an indoor unit is that you want to have climate controls. This is when the storage facility will heat and cool the unit to keep it at a consistent temperature and humidity level all year round. This can help prevent some items from being damaged by going through temperature fluctuations or just preserve those items that are more sensitive than others. 

Main Floor Access Storage 

Know that having a storage unit with main floor access can cost a little bit more than the other units. This is because the main floor unit is easy to access and allows you to simply use a cart to get items in and out of the storage unit. It makes using your storage unit a bit easier since an elevator is not involved.

Reach out to your local residential storage facility for more information about these options.