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Why You Should Opt For A Gated Self Storage Facility

When it comes to self-storage, you have multiple options. Plenty of different companies will offer self-storage units of varying sizes for your use and convenience. All self-storage companies will say they offer security and that may be true, but certain companies take their security to a different level. Here's why you should store your things with a company that offers a gated self storage facility.

The Gate Provides Peace Of Mind

First things first, a gate that requires a passcode to get past will give every tenant of the storage facility additional peace of mind. Not only would a potential thief have to figure out how to break your lock down on the storage unit itself, they would first also have to get into the facility, and that means past the gate. Knowing that your belongings are behind a big, strong, and sturdy gate will simply make you feel better about using that particular facility.

In Fact, Thieves Might Not Even Bother Trying

Perhaps the best benefit to a gate for your storage facility though is not that it can stop thieves who try to get in, but that it can talk them out of even trying as soon as they glance at it. There are probably multiple self storage facilities in your town. If you were someone who was looking to break in, where would you go? If you are thinking like a thief, the answer is, you go where there is the least resistance. If a potential thief drives by the facility you use and sees the gate, they will just keep driving until they find an easier target. The gate is a strong theft deterrent first and foremost.

Gated Facilities Usually Have All The Other Bells And Whistles

If a self storage company can afford to install a gate around the entire property, they will likely not have any problems making sure every other aspect of your storage experience is a premium or as high end as possible. There will likely be security cameras in multiple locations covering every person who walks anywhere on the property. You are also likely to see units in varying sizes with climate control available, and insurance is likely to be offered just in case anything does happen to your belongings. 

When seeking out a self storage facility, find one that offers a gate or fence that encloses the entire property. Contact a local self storage company today for more information