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3 Ways Student Self-Storage Helps When You Live In A Dorm Or Share A Small Apartment

When you move to a dorm or share a room in an apartment when you go off to college, you won't have much space for all your belongings. If your school is many miles from home, it won't be convenient to run home every time you need something. A good solution is to rent a self-storage unit near your school. Here's how student self-storage is helpful when you're short on space when living in a single room.

1. You Can Store Seasonal Clothes Nearby

When you head to school in the fall, the weather may still be hot and call for summer clothing. However, in a few months, you'll need to switch to warmer clothes, and by the time winter rolls in, you'll need an entire winter wardrobe.

You don't want a closet that's stuffed, or your clothes will be wrinkly and difficult to find. You can keep clothing in a storage unit, and if you hang them in a wardrobe box, they'll be clean and free of wrinkles so they are ready to wear as soon as you pick them up from storage.

2. You Can Keep Sports Equipment In Storage

If you're active in sports and leisure activities, you may want beach equipment for the warm months, a bicycle, snow skis, and a variety of sports equipment so you can stay busy on the weekends. Rather than let all that equipment use your valuable living space, you can keep your things in a storage unit and pick it up when you need it.

You can rent a student self-storage unit that's the right size for your needs. You might want one that's about the size of a big closet, but if you have a lot of equipment to store, you may want a larger unit so you have room to store things safely and so everything is easy to find.

3. You Can Store Things When You Move

If you have to move out of your dorm between semesters, you can put everything in a storage unit, even furniture. This is much more convenient than packing everything up and lugging it all back home only to bring it back to school a few months or weeks later. Plus, when you don't have a lot of things you have to take back home, you can fly home rather than travel back with a car packed full of belongings.

Your things in storage will be safe and waiting for you to return to school. Then you can take out what you need when you're ready and at your convenience.

For more information, contact a facility that has student self-storage units.