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What To Do With Your Stuff When You Don't Know Where You're Going

We all hope to find a great place to live and to stay there for a long time, but sometimes life doesn't work out that way. Whether it's because of a rent increase, a decrease in quality of life in a housing situation, or another factor that tells you that you need to move, you could be faced with knowing that you have to move without knowing exactly where. You can, of course, start packing now, sorting through everything you own. However, the stacks of boxes that end up sitting in your living room can make an already uncertain situation seem even shakier simply because of the number of boxes you might end up with. Placing those boxes in storage may be a more efficient strategy.

Better Organization

Because the storage unit will be for storing the boxes only, you'll have more room to organize and categorize your belongings. Most apartments, as large as the living rooms can be, don't have that much room when you take furniture and pathways into account. Your place can look like it's being taken apart (although, in a way it is), and the fact that you have all these boxes can make you feel rushed and disconnected. Moving them to a storage unit preserves the space you have in your home.

Less Pressure to Move It All Now

Once you have a storage unit, it's yours until you give notice that you'll empty it and remove the lock. That means that, no matter what happens with your move, you're no longer under pressure to get all of that stuff out of your home before the end of your lease. You can move the essentials over to your new place, get everything set up there, and move things in from storage in a measured manner. That also helps with organization because you won't end up with a ton of unpacked boxes lingering at your new place.

Protection From the Unknown

Sometimes new apartments don't turn out like you hoped they would. Maybe the place turns out to be in terrible repair and you have to vacate quickly, or there's a last-minute problem that delays the move. If most of your belongings are in storage, that's not really a problem, at least in terms of moving your belongings. (Obviously, it's a problem if you have to race to find a new place to live!) Leave what you have in storage, add the rest, and go find a hotel or home share for the time being.

When you rent storage units, get a really good lock, and try to visit the unit often so you don't sit up one day, realizing you've ignored what's in there (that's a lot more common than people think). Wrap boxes and furniture in plastic to protect them against dust. And, when you find your new dream place, retrieve your belongings. Storage makes moving a lot easier. Look for a local self-storage company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage to keep your items until you find your new place.