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Stored Doesn't Mean Forgotten: Why You Need To Look Through Those Boxes Often

Storage often brings to mind someone who is about to take a long trip and who won't have a place to live locally. And it's true that sometimes this is the case. But a more accurate picture of your average storage user is someone who needs to store items due to a lack of space or due to a household project that requires moving items out. For many storage-unit renters, the storage time is short. For those who require longer storage times, though, sorting through those boxes on a regular basis is important, for more than one reason.

Keep an Eye on Remote Corners

If you're constantly moving boxes around and checking inside each one, you eliminate the possibility that the boxes trapped in the far corners of the storage unit will become home to unpleasant issues like dust or mold. Unless your storage unit is climate controlled, you're going to have humidity and dust as regular companions even in the best storage facilities. You can add anti-humidity packs to help with that, but you still need to check up on those boxes and move things around to create better ventilation, especially if you choose not to add a shelving unit to hold boxes.

Whittle Away Stuff You No Longer Like

People like to make a big deal out of getting rid of things they haven't used for a while, but that's not going to work for everyone. Sometimes the stuff you have in storage is there because you like it but live in restricted circumstances. You don't have to get rid of those belongings. But over time, you may find that some of the items you packed away don't hold fascination or good memories for you anymore. You can reduce your stored items gradually by sorting through the boxes occasionally.

Maintain a Clean Unit

Checking the boxes ensures you know when to replace plastic liners or other protective items you added to the boxes. For example, you don't want to have unprotected cardboard in these units due to mold and spill risks, so wrapping each box in shrinkwrap or plastic sheeting is advised. But as you move the boxes around, the sheeting can rip. Checking the boxes ensures you see which liners need to be replaced.

You could leave things to sit in the unit for a long time, but if you have the opportunity to regularly revisit what you have in there, you'll end up with a better storage experience. And you'll always know what you have instead of forgetting which items you've packed away.