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Time To Start Preparing: 4 Reasons You Need A Storage Unit For Your Emergency Supplies

If you've decided to join the ranks of those who are preparing for disaster – natural or civil – it's time to start thinking about how – and where – you'll store your supplies. The "where" question might be one of the most important questions you can answer when it comes to emergency preparedness plans. If you haven't thought about an off-site storage unit, you should. Here are just four of the reasons your emergency supplies should be in an off-site storage unit.

They're Climate-Controlled

When it comes to emergency preparedness, it's important to remember that some of your supplies will need to be protected against environmental changes – such as significant temperature changes, or extreme moisture. That's not always possible in your home. Most off-site storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, which means your emergency food, and medical supplies won't be damaged by temperature fluctuations, or mold-causing moisture.  

They Let You Spread Your Supplies Out

When you store all your supplies in one location, you run the risk of losing them. Things like fire, floods, and even theft can wipe out your emergency supplies. Not only that, but you never know when you'll be in town when a disaster strikes. If you can't get back across town quickly, you'll be out of luck with your supplies. When you rent a storage unit, you can spread your supplies out between two places. If something does happen to wipe out the supply you have at home, you'll still have the supplies in your storage unit.

They Increase Your Storage Space

If your emergency supplies are taking up your entire home, but you're not done with the preparations, you're going to need more space. One benefit of renting a storage unit is that it provides you with the additional space you need, without overcrowding your home. Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that will best suit your needs.

They're Secure

In an emergency, you want to know that your supplies are safe, and well-protected. This is particularly important if you aren't at home when disaster strikes. Most storage facilities provide 24-hour security, which means your emergency supplies will be stored behind locked gates – and locked doors. You'll have peace-of-mind knowing that your supplies are protected against looters.

If you're preparing for a disaster, don't take chances with your much-needed supplies. Renting a storage unit will provide you the space and protection you'll need. For more information, contact companies like National Self Storage - Denver.