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Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit With Vehicular Access

When you visit a self-storage business like Pearl Street Self Storage to rent a unit, you'll often have the choice of a unit that is contained within the building or one that has vehicle access. For the former style, you'll need to transport your personal items down a hallway and into the unit; for the latter, you can simply pull your vehicle in front of the unit to unload whatever you need to store. While there are advantages to both styles of unit, it's often a good idea to rent one that provides vehicular access. Here are some reasons to do so.

Less Risk Of Damage To Items

When you rent a storage unit with vehicular access, there's less of a chance that your items will get damaged as you load them into the unit. If it's raining heavily when you visit the storage center, for example, you can back your vehicle right up to the door of the unit, which means that your items will get little, if any, exposure to the rain as you transfer them into their new home. With a unit with no vehicular access, you'll need to cart the items across the parking lot, which may be problematic during a storm. Additionally, the short journey from your vehicle to your unit when you rent a unit with vehicular access is handy, as there's less chance that you'll drop something due to fatigue or something will fall of your hand cart.

Larger Doors

Storage units that have vehicular access will often have larger doors than units inside the storage center. In many cases, the former style of unit with have a door consistent in size with a residential garage door, while interior units' doors are more close in size to the front doors of homes. The larger door makes these units more suitable for storing large items. For example, if you plan to store a large piece of furniture, it's easier to fit through the door of a unit with vehicular access than to try to navigate a unit with a smaller door.

More Privacy

You might not want people who are visiting the storage center to see what you're storing. A unit with vehicular access provides a high degree of security. As long as no one is standing adjacent to you, you can expect to unload your items and store them without anyone seeing. This may be desirable if you're storing high-value possessions, for example.