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Storing Your Pool Accessories In Your Self-Storage Unit

Your self-storage unit can be a great place to keep your pool accessories during the off-season, but you'll want to know how to properly store these items so they are ready to use when you reopen your pool. Here are some helpful tips you can use when preparing your pool accessories for storage in your self-storage unit.

Pool Chemicals

Before storing pool chemicals in your unit, be sure to check with your self-storage facility's management. There may be restrictions on the types of chemicals you can store in the unit. If you can keep the chemicals in the unit, select a climate-controlled unit with ventilation to reduce the risk of exposure to fumes. Store the chemicals in their original containers, and ensure the lids are sealed tightly. Store liquids below any dry or powder chemicals to prevent leakage and chemical reactions, and keep chlorine-based products away from the rest of your pool chemicals for added safety.

Inflatable Toys

Hose down your inflatable toys before placing them into storage. You'll want to make sure they are completely dry before deflating them and placing them into storage containers. Use airtight plastic containers with lids to store the toys, and label each container so you know what is stored inside.

Kiddie Pools

If you will be storing plastic kiddie pools, consider using bungee cords that extend from one side of the storage unit to the other. Place them near the ceiling to create an overhead shelf system, and place the pools upside down on the bungee cords. This will prevent insects or other pests from attempting to make a home inside the pools, and it will also help to prevent them from becoming damaged as well.

Outdoor Chairs And Cushions

Plastic outdoor chairs can be placed under cloth tarps inside the unit to keep them protected from dirt and dust. Make sure all cushions are completely dry before being placed into storage, and consider putting them inside of large, heavy-duty plastic containers to keep them away from pests and dirt. If you will be storing patio umbrellas, fold them and use a snug cover to keep them clean and in proper shape for the following season.

Make sure that all of your pool toys and accessories are clean before placing them inside your storage unit. Check on your storage unit a few times throughout the winter to ensure there are no issues, such as leaking chemicals or a pest problem, and come up with a plan for transporting the items back to your home when it's time to open your pool for the season.