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Items That Should Be In Climate Controlled Storage During A Renovation

A complete home renovation involves a lot of time, money, and commitment. Often months of work are needed to get a home in tip top shape. There's also the question of where to put household items while the renovation is ongoing. It is possible to shift furniture and appliances from room to room. However, it may be easier to place these household items in self storage so they are not in the way of renovation projects. The important thing to remember is that some items should be placed in climate controlled storage units in order to prevent damage while the renovation is being completed.


During the kitchen phase of a full home renovation, the existing appliances may need to be moved. For those who are reusing their appliances or planning to sell or donate them, climate controlled storage is a must. Appliances need to be completely dry before moving them into storage. A climate controlled unit will ensure that mold and mildew does not grow on the appliance and render them useless. A 10 by 15 foot climate controlled storage unit costs on average between $115 and $150 per month. This may seem steep but climate controlled storage is less expensive than replacing appliances that have been ruined by mold and mildew.


Moving furniture out of the home temporarily is also part of many home renovations. Many pieces of furniture are made up of wood and leather. It's these two materials that can react poorly to changes in humidity. Leather can mildew when exposed to high humidity while wood tends to warp and expand. Not enough moisture can lead to cracking and shrinking. Antique furniture is especially susceptible to changes in humidity. When moving furniture outside of the home and into storage, the ideal humidity level is between 35 and 65 percent. In this case, a climate controlled storage unit is the best option.


During a home renovation the last thing on many homeowners minds is their instruments. However, things like pianos and guitars can become damaged during a renovation project. Instruments such as pianos and guitars are often made of wood and have similar issues with humidity as furniture does. Humidity needs to be kept between 45 and 55 percent in order to keep wooden instruments from being damaged. For those who are musically inclined, a storage unit with humidity control is a must.

Renovating a home often means shifting around the contents of the home and even putting a few things in storage. In this case, storage is not one size fits all. Items such as appliances, certain types of furniture, and musical instruments should all be placed in climate controlled storage unit like North Star Mini Storage.